Happy Tuesday my flends and blends, I just shipped out 100 packages today, so the Super Cosplay, Brunettes, Football, Colorado and Zeldara 1984s shall be gracing your mailboxes as you lay about dreaming in your racing car beds,

The World Series just ended in Game 6, so I will have the stats ready as we are almost done with the Astros Braves Card,

Once I know the Series MVP I will award the Psylocke Jean Grey Art to the matched signed card of the number,

As for the Ruby Rose, well since the run total was 7, and we don't have a 7 yet, all backers who pick up the RUBY ROSE CARD SET will get a PAGE of INTERIOR ORIGINAL ART from the PIXI RUNNER series, which you damn well know will be dominating the streams sooner than later,

I have all of the pages in my collection, and will start letting those babies go off to their new homes as add ons to exclusive packages and such,

So happy shopping and to those of you who jumped in on this campaign and helped me get this new venture off the ground, you have my thanks, as this is something that really hasn't been done in the trading card industry and I hope this is the first set of so many more -- Next up will be a SUPER BOWL Two Pack -- Stay Tuned True Believers,

As for next month -- can you say DIRTY DISNEY 3




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