Having grown complacent in the cavalcade of cannabis and Colombian whores, I am thinking of making an interesting reinvention of oneself, one where I get my drama teacher license and spend the rest of my 40s banging hot single moms who can't go out to clubs because they have to stay home,

You cook up some CHICKEN ala FARO (Recipe and story in the AMERICAN SAFARI MICHIGAN EDITION) and enjoy the dessert without the Table Bill.

Master Varese comes by tomorrow to sign some books, drop off some original art and deliver his Super Cosplay Scoobie Variants, so the rest of the week shall be fulfilling the rest of the NFL, COLORADO & 1984 Packages,

Until then, check out the sketch for the ASTROS Vs BRAVES 2021 WORLD SERIES SHOWDOWN FANTASY CARD --

Remember whoever gets the Ruby Rose Gold Package gets a shot at this ORIGINAL ART once we have the Run Total from the Final Game and the Stats, whoever has the SIGNED & NUMBERED CARD That Matches THE RUN TOTAL!!!

Grab your RUBY ROSE GOLD PACK Now, it also comes with this Sweet Looking DIRTY DISNEY EARLY PREVIEW ART BOOK -- which now features A BESKARD METAL BLACK & WHITE COVER (only doing 25)




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