Morning you flips and fruits, I am at the airport in t wee hours of the morning, about to head off into the center of the planet as I make my way to PanamaCon in beautiful Panama City, hoping to piss off the edge of the Panama Canal and hopefully find my way into one of those James Bond villain lairs in one of the skyscrapers, or perhaps just the Bond villains lonely wife :)

Anyway, check out the Barbenheimer Colored Covers, simply lovely when we can take an annoying mainstream pushed meme and exploit it for our own gain,

And speaking of exploitation, I've been inspired!

As we all have recently seen, Disney has apparently found new and exciting ways to grind chalk into our open wounds with this recent smug bitch calling herself Snow White, and making sure to gift us with her modern ways, 

Sick of just watching the same angry Youtube videos, anxious to develop enough narratives to turn this chick into the next Leave Brittany Alone Meltdown, I've decided to throw my artistic hat in the ring,

I want to create SEVEN new Snow White Mature Themed Covers, each one with her torturing or perhaps trying to rescue the now Defunct Dwarves of Legendary Status,

I'd love to hear your ideas and concoctions of new Snow White themed Covers,

Of course, there is the classic themes for example,

1--Slave Leia Snow White with Carbonite Frozen Dopey

2--Pulp Fiction Bondage Snow White with Gimp Grumpy,

3--Geisha Snow White with Samurai Sneezy,

Seven Different Holochrome Covers Limited Edition Numbered to 77, and released one a month for the next 7 months,

$77 and it comes with a Snow White Centerfold Poster :) -- thinking 13 x19

As always your feedback is appreciated, this Snow White bitch made millions off this movie, and she's trashing it,

So let's show her what we think????




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