Happy Saturday from Panama my friends, this city scary interesting, they have more skyscrapers then New York City, and growing up in NYC, I thought we had everyone beat, and then I went to Bangkok and thought, oh shit, these skyscrapers have holograms, they got us beat, and then I went to Hong Kong, and sat in what I felt was a 48 hour traffic jam,

Therefore I now reside in Fort Lauderdale, which is a little town disguised as a city on the rise, shhh don't let them know :)

So my recent trip to Sydney, Australia inspired this new wonderful cover,

Away from my top highlights of now having sex on six continents (thx Gabby :) and climbing the Sydney bridge, sitting through my first Opera, fishing the Pacific and enjoying some Koala Cuddles, the coolest damn highlight was the Vivid Sydney Celebration, which was main evented by 1000s of drones putting together some freakishly wild light displays,

As always great sights inspire great art, and I give you my Vivid Sydney Cover, starring Dazzler and a Drone Dragon, 

LTD 150 my friends, available in the Add-On section, we may just have a few remaining in the coffers, but move fast before Mojo finds out!!!!




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