Happy Monday my friends,

My trip up to Yellowknife to take another crack at the Aurora borealis was stunted at the airport, as unfortunately the city is being evacuated due to wildfires,

With Maui and now the Canadian North under flames, it's just one of those times when you must put life in perspective, rather than doing the usual throw your hands up in the air yelling "Why Me!!!!"

So I made the best of it and ended up staying in Toronto for the wknd, and having some naughty fun with the lovely Onlyfans models Sylvania and Lexi, one a hot Russian who was or definitely still is a spy, and the other a Swedish Bodybuilder,

While I bought a new DJI camera to embark upon my porn career, in the end I decided against it, at 46 years old, I like the mystique created by me being a former porn star and ex-criminal,

Sometimes we must simply use the past as fodder in order to evolve, and I didn't want to fall into a pattern where I felt like I was trying to brag about my vices, I like to stick it writing killer stories and designing badass jeans while using my free time to go face deep into Tatted Badgirls and Cannabis Oil, simply because I am the ultimate fall ass backwards into situations type, and I don't think you can capture that on camera,

But of course, my attitudes may changes if Bidenomics claims any more of my pension,

But alas, let's back to business, 

The Barbenheimer Variant is finished and I feel like my man Jose Varese delivered the goods as usual,

Of course I'm biased, I will always remember meeting him at Hartford Comic Con when he was ready to quit the business, now his damn Kickstarters outshine mine, 

Not that I'm bitter or jealous or anything, I am, I can't lie, but he's the best, and being a part of his progress has been one of the best parts of being in this business,

Not as much fun as hookers and cannabis though,

On that note, I am off to Panama City this wknd for the Panama Comic Con and I look forward to seeing the famed Canal and possibly sneaking my way through the Darien Gap and stalking through the jungle Romancing the Stone style and having some fun in Bogota,

Stay Tuned True Believers, and grab your Barbenheimer Variants,




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