Greetings my friends, here is the latest update on the DAZZLER DRONE DRAGON COVER -- celebrating the recent VIVID SYDNEY spectacle from my recent jaunt to Australia,

It will be off to the colorist once he is done coloring the Barbie and Barbenheimer Covers,

As always, which ever Dazzlers are left in the LTD stack are available in the ADD-On section of the new Kickstarter

So on to new business and my newest venture into art and that's fashion,

One of the greatest things about being a superhero globe trotting comic book writer is being able to dictate the company wardrobe, which consists of Hoodies and Jeans,

For those of you who are interested in looking like a grumpy divorced vice addicted ex convict writer, I invite you to check out my newest Kickstarter channel, as I have started a new channel just for this fashion venture, which I hope to be the first of many,

As always, I appreciate your feedback,



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