The Rhode Island Interrogation cover is finished, just have to add the fonts,

The Ariel Poster will follow next so we are just waiting on the finished Supergirl from Master Varese and I will be printing and shipping the Rhode Island and Pixi Runner 5 Kickstarters at the same time, simply a form of belt tightening since too many fuckin backers felt the need to drop every fuckin time the number went over 20K -- someone drops out and we end up back at 19,

Now I know there are bigger problems in the world, but you know, it's fuckin aggravating and I would love to reflect that frustration whenever possible, there's only so much stress one can drip down a hooker's backside,

So for those of you who want to do some writing alongside me, I'm starting up a new Youtube writing series of videos working on the new Batman screenplay using ChatGPT -- 

While every good project is for fun and loosening up the writing muscles, with the Writer's Guild on strike and James Gunn busy building up his Metropolis, the opportunity to throw one's hat into the Batfield is just too good to pass up,

Until then, show your love on my favorite non AI generated title -- PIXI RUNNER 5



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