Happy fuckin 4th of July -- so I woke up this morning and as usual, without fail, I get hit by squatters,

What is a squatter you ask -- well, when you start a Kickstarter campaign, you of course have different reward tiers, well what a squatter does is pledge for one of the more expensive Limited Edition tiers, such as Original Art or a Blank Cover Commission, they pledge on Day 1 or the first weekend, and then with less than 24 hours to go before the end of the campaign, they drop the fuck out,

Some squatters unfortunately are losers who are loyal to a certain Arizona based independent comic book juggernaut, but one squatter I got banned by Kickstarter and the second I tracked down on Facebook and issued a "friendly" warning.

But sometimes squatters a simply backers who are forced to drop out, but they do the respect of an email explaining why, which I usually look at as a sign of respect for the hard work put behind the art you can no longer afford to commit to.  But alas I wasnt given that courtesy this morning.

No courtesy email, no warning, they just drop out.  Now again, there are bigger problems in the world, but I got to tell you, I'm getting real fuckin sick and tired of saying that to myself.  This isn't about money, really it isn't, this is about time, commitment, and fuckin respect,

When you sit on a piece of art for an entire month then drop out, it devalues the art because it gives the perception that its been sitting the whole time, then I have to write some bullshit email using lots of adjectives to sell the art and bring down the price to move it for the next piece.

But those of you who have been riding with me this long know I don't do that shit -- that the one thing I deliver in this world of lies and spin doctors is brutal honesty, even if it makes me look like a prick, but you're reading from a guy who went from Millionaire to his parent's guest room, so you know I have nothing to lose, which makes me the best fuckin writer and publisher in the game.

So I woke up this morning, and the fuckin backer who pledged on Day One for the Ariel Kraken Art dropped out without a courtesy email explaining why, which was at least the courtesy of respect given to me by the backer who dropped out last minute on the Snake Eyes Lady Jaye Art -- 

The Snake Eyes Backer gets forgiven, however the asshole that held Ariel hostage from day one of the campaign only to drop out literally on the last day is now banned from all campaigns.  No store, no more pledges, hell I won't sell you a cup of fuckin lemonade.  It's about respect.  So let it be know that this piece of art, gorgeous as it is to tribute a movie that was done an injustice by Disney on screen, is now back on the market, and rather then drop the piece like I would usually be forced to, I'm upping ante,

Up above you will see The Last SHARPSHOOTER Holofoil Cover from the Missouri Campaign -- as you know all 149 of 150 are SOLD OUT -- and this last one was for me, for my personal collection.

Well whoever picks up the ARIEL OG Art gets my Personal Copy the last copy of the Sharpshooter Variant, SIGNED BY ME AND JOSE VARESE!!!

And since I also received the LAST NUDE MARGE -- I will also have that baby SIGNED BY ME AND JOSE VARESE and that nugget will go to whoever pledges for the SNAKE EYES LADY JAYE or or or, THE LAST OF US HARLEY,

Happy Shopping, and fuck all squatters,




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