Ahh here's to hunting, cosplay models can be a pain in the ass to seduce, most of the time they are usually flanked by an angry boyfriend, conspicuous by their signature bad attitude and complete contempt for every drooling fanboy who wants a pic,

But fear not, for it is not about seducing the cosplay model, it's more about putting yourself in a place where the cosplay model not just WANTS to fuck you, but she HAS to fuck you,

How does one pull off such a feat, well it starts with having your own comic book and then when you go to Supercon or whatever con to get a table, you make sure your agenda is bigger than trying to pull a profit, because after ur done paying for the table and other assorted bullshit you are way in the hole and too stressed to enjoy yourself

Fuck that, if you're doing your business on Kickstarter then cons should be more about introducing yourself to the world, and flanking yourself with a cosplay model to draw people to your table to get a free sticker or something that you know they will display or use,

And of course the model,

The model now sees you at your best, schmoozing potential customers, promoting your brand, but most importantly, oozing confidence,

That is how you win, the second you look at that model and bitch about how much you are or are not making, you have already lost her,

Carry yourself with confidence at the con, and you will intrigue the gal, perhaps even conquest her, after a long con, perhaps a cocktail or God willing a cannabis pen,

Why the herb over the sauce,

I hate drunk girls, stoned girls are much more fun, you inquire about a massage to ease out the tension  of the long day, and if the cannabis is right and your words are as good spoken as they are written well then


Good luck my mavens, here is your commission of the day


The new Kickstarter has already funded, lets go for double,


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