Happy Monday, no I'm not rich, and once again the fantasy football have chosen to mock me to a point where I'm actually begging you to bet against me and slowly get rich off my mush power

But away from the past and on to the present

I will have the OHIO Book finished up this week, and I just put out a fresh batch of packages for Paris, Spring 1867 and CaliPornia & Arizona,

Any and all waiting, we are just waiting on more South Carolina Books,

Also I have to light a fire under HIQUE's ass to get the finished colors on the respective JOKER, BANE & RIDDLER Choppers,

If he ever wants a shot at drawing a trio of SUPERMAN CHOPPERS, he better get in gear,

Ah to be the one in charge,

So enjoy these updates, Jose is moving on to inks n colors next,

This will be the Steel Bikini Variant, I think, Jose orchestrates his own madness

Until then, enjoy the Riverdale tribute and don't forget to pledge ur money n soul :)



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