Ah the merger of Gotham & Gaming,

Can you picture no more Gotham City, and now called the KINGDOM OF GOTHAM,

Time to give DC the Game of Thrones makeover,

No more trapped in time parameters or borders or even the most dreaded of the borders, the SJW one,

We talked about going after Superman first, because it just makes more sense,

So in order to build up our King of Krypton, lets continue from Action 1 into Action 2 and see what flies,

As always the newest Kickstarter with the Riverdale tribute is killing and heading towards 300% and we just did a nice Saturday spike, so here's the link for those who hands aren't stuck to their balls this morning,




When we last left off, Superman was leaping around Washington DC, dangling a lobbyist of the Capital till he rats out the Senator he's in cahoots with.

So now Superman endorses torture, that's fucked up,

Superman goes off to beat up the Senator and the lobbyist phones ahead so there's a swarm of machine gun toting gangsters waiting with drinks and hot dogs, 

The bullets go flying off the King of Krypton, and behind the bullets we see a sea of flying gangsters with machine guns wrapped around their necks,

Badass move,

Superman then strong arms the Senator, and in a total twist of plot and functions, he forces the Senator onto The Baronta, a steamboat heading to our fictional South American nation of SAN MONTE, where we begin to play with our fictional universe,

Picture SAN MONTE as something like DORNE, with olive skinned vixxens as dangerous as they are beautiful,

San Monte can be our Colombia,


So lets build a commission and finish this puppy,

All the players are getting on this steamship,

Clark Kent, Lois Lane, a bunch of sullen faced toughs, Senator Norvell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Celine fuckin Dion,

Aaaaand, LOLA CORTEZ, a woman of mystery, an exotic beauty who fairly radiates danger and intrigue,

Now that's what I'm talking about,

Now mind you, with the 1938 art styles being what they are, and the fact that Jose Varese didn't exist yet, and we have Lola Cortez looks just like Lois Lane,

But now we have something to play with,

Lola Cortez, the lady of Action Comics 2

Now let's picture my man Varese taking that shit down, sponsored of course by your friends at Staten Island Fats, imagine a San Monte Cover in this kind of mold,

Jessica Rabbit
Superman houses the thugs and houses the Senator and continues this literary journey by forcing the Senator to enlist in The San Monte Army,

Turns out Senator Norvell is selling weapons to both sides in an effort to keep the war going and get rich,

Senator Norvell is an arms dealer, this story is getting juicy,

Superman enlists alongside the Senator and the two are on the front lines of a civil war, where the Senator proceeds to shit himself,

Superman then flies into the headquarters of the enemy camp and takes pictures of them meeting in order to send them back to his newspaper and get some of that Tony Stark money.  

In the span of about 4 pages, Lola Cortez and Lois Lane cross paths at a hotel, Lola frames Lois by hiding some papers on her, Lois is captured and without due process is sentenced to die via firing squad, before she is saved by Superman who then takes on a fuckin plane head on,

If Bendis was writing this, it would be a 17 issue mini series along with a special add on 2.0 issue, jerk off, 

So Superman finally breaks Senator Norvell, who agrees to shut down his operations and move on robbing senior citizens with land deals and buy gold commercials,

Superman then ends the San Monte Civil War by putting the two generals in a room together and explaining the lucrative opportunities San Monte can have in the soon to be huge Cocaine business,

"There's a lot of money in that white powder,"

So what did we get out this issue, besides Superman at his classic tough guy best,

We get SAN MONTE -- THE BARONTA -- and most importantly LOLA CORTEZ, which will be influential in world building our new DC Universe,

Perhaps Lola is a wealthy pirate, sailing across the world on The Baronta and captures Kal-El when he is off traveling on his vision quest away from Krypton,

The Prince of Krypton meets The Mistress of San Monte,

Stay tuned True Believers,



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