I was going to start this post by saying something verbose like Celebrate Hump Day by Humping Someone, but I didn't want to stoop that low :)

Instead, happy to report that the Fantasy Football and Happy Harley Days Books are on the way from the printer, so I shall be torturing myself packing while enduring another marathon run of Cobra Kai Season 5 -- BEST SEASON EVER!!!

As a writer, it is so fucking refreshing to see that good writing still exists, and that woke nonsense and agenda casting don't exist in this fuckin dojo baby,

But on to business, up above you have the rough sketches of the BATGIRL & FLASH VERMONT COVER, all that's missing is the falling WB Tower,

As for the bag in Flash's hand -- that's just MAGIC EZRA JUICE,

Down below, I'd like to gage some interest and see who would be interested in some Slave Leia Jessica Rabbit Socks, just see if it's a venture worth venturing, let me know my friends,

Happy Shopping,




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