Happy Thursday my friends,

I have not a thing to say since the Bills are about to open the season by trouncing the Rams (I hope),

So I have ordered all the Fantasy Football & Happy Harley Books and Posters, so I will let you know when they arrive, 

For those who missed out, here is the finished Harley's Angels Cover, available in the ADD-On Section for the faint at heart.

On to new business my friends, as we are going to continue with Faro's American Safari by venturing into VERMONT with a special DIRTY DC Cover,

With Ezra crashing at a Bernie Sanders Compound and Batgirl being bound and shelved, why not celebrate the state that gave us Howard fuckin Dean and rope out a very special BATGIRL JESSICA BOUND & STRUNG OUT SPEEDSTER ROGER, along with the last two SUICYCLE POSTERS in our BRAVE & THE BOLD SERIES,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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