Happy Thursday my friends, I have sent off the first wave of packages, but I had a long meeting with Master Jose Varese today to pick up some original art and we ended up working into the entire day, creating and cultivating some sick artistic shit for the upcoming dog days of Spring,

And he just delivered this bad boy as I leave for the Arctic Circle, next time you hear from me will be at the TOP OF THE WORLD MAAAAA!!!!!

For those of you who haven't grabbed our Batman Vs Beetlejuice Poster, this will be the first of many of our Multiverse Manifesto, again stay tuned True Believers,

Available only, as always, on the new Faro Kickstarter,


And for those of you with a modern collectors' sense, I had 10 of the XXX-Mas Jessica Rabbit Holo-day Holofoils turned into 10 LTD GLOW IN THE DARK METAL COVERS, with the serially numbered 1 of 10 Books given away randomly for those who purchased the books,

Well, turns out, one of my ebay sellers came in and scooped the rest of my Holofoils, so I have none left and one GLOW IN THE DARK LEFT!!!

As a 1 of 10, I was going to list it at $300, but I've gotten a few complaints about not giving those interested enough of a chance to buy before the vultures of convenience come to play,

So I upped the ante,

The GLOW IN THE DARK METAL BOOK will be a very special ADD-ON to whoever chooses to purchase my last unclaimed Original Art Cover,

Happy Hunting my friends,




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