Happy Tuesday my friends, no preambles, let's get to the updates,

My shipments were delayed a day, but UPS informed me my packages will arrive tomorrow morning as opposed to this evening, so I shall be spending the next few days packing and shipping all SUI-CYCLES & ANTI-VALENTINE's PACKAGES until Friday morning, where I will be leaving to drop off a package of books at one of the northern most comic book stores in the world,

I'm heading up to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory up near the Arctic Circle for a little writing retreat at a cool B&B in the outskirts just far enough to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis!

As for Zeldara 7, everything is finished except for Batman and Beetlejuice, which Jose Varese assures will be inked tonight and off to the colorist,

Once all the pledges are cleared I will start sending out the Digital Rewards and then make the order to send the Zeldara books to the Printer,

So now on to new business,

The new Kickstarter is up, and we are knocking out and up the 29th in our American Safari, this time hitting the Gateway Arch of Missouri,

Cover 1 will be a very special Slave Leia Steel Bikini Marge Simpson, along with a Frozen Homer,

Cover 2 -- Calgary Expo LTD -- The Sharpshooter Baby,

As for the posters -- here's Poster 1 -- Dragon Rider ROGUE,

And just added, with all the recent events in the news, I dug up this piece of art, which will be a Complimentary Laptop Sticker in all packages,

Happy Shopping,




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