Happy Saturday folks, I truly have no idea what day it is anymore, I don't even know night and day, only awake and asleep, it's an interesting way to live, sort of like Kramer, yes Kramer, folks I'm Faro Kramer,

Anyway, enjoy tonight's updates, Jose has asked me if I wanted to add a Doom or Magneto plush toy to the Dorm Room Shot, and after combing through my Marvel archives, I thought back to my first encounter with Dorrie Evans and The Human Torch, and it wasn't in the pages of the Fantastic Four, it was actually Amazing Spider Man #8, where in the backup story Spidey went toe to toe with The Human Torch after breaking up a party at Dorrie's house, 

It was that perfect battle between testosterone induced teenagers fighting over a girl and bragging rights, it just happened to be between two rising stars in the superhero community,

It continues to go further in my ways of making sure art captures more than sex and beauty but capturing a moment,

So I sent a digital copy to Jose for prosperity and I told him to think about what to add to the shot,

So for all you Spidey #8 fans of nostalgia like me, soon to be added to this shot to officially complete it,


Down below the inks are finished on The Battlecat Wardawgs piece,

I'm thinking of blowing it up as an exclusive poster as opposed to the book, and then putting the lineups online since I had so much fun putting together the how to video on Youtube,

If you want this puppy in your portfolio, just add $25 to your pledge package,




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