Happy Friday my friends, I just scarfed down one of those original Burger King Chicken Sandwichs and chased it with a Grape Sprite and a Hot Fudge Sundae, so I am all ready to drop a hot batch of what the fuck is that all over who the fuck let you in here,

So while I do that, here's the news,

Emil has finished ALL PIXI RUNNER pages, the last six are with the colorist, then off to the letterer for final processing,

GEORIGA & FARO FANTASY FOOTBALL FABLES have SHIPPED, of course with me getting them all on the truck for Labor Day weekend, I know they won't all be in your hands in time, so in the next update following this one I will be putting up the DIGITAL FILE so you can have it to comb through,

I also put up a video on YouTube on how to use the guide and sample lineups I am using,

I'll be meeting up with Jose Varese this week to get all the SINGAPORE SLINGS SIGNED & NUMBERED, so I will let you know when those ship as well,

And on to new business, -- Time for the next ride on Faro's American Safari, 

With Joe Biden running for President and School's coming back into something resembling a session, I merged the two subjects and harked back to my old days reading some Fantastic Four Comics on my Marvel Unlimited App,

Combing through old school F4 and Kirby era X-Men, I fell back in love with the old connected Marvel Universe, and my erotic mind got to work,

I give you the next entry in the American Safari Series, -- Jean Grey & Dorrie Evans in a METRO U Dorm Room special,

Check out who's waiting in the window,

All on the new Faro Kickstarter, come aboard Skipper Dipper,




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