Happy Tuesday fuckers, I won back 25% of my paltry penance in last night's games, but I still ain't friggin rich yet, so I guess it's time to make some more lineups and roll that cash into the Battle of Ohio game,

I have put together a new interior idea for the Week Two Kickoff Cover Special, since just putting in lineups makes for a boring interior, and by the time most of you get the book the game will be over,

Instead, I am putting in the Line Art from Pixi Runner 1, since I can;t wait for you guys to finally see it,

And for those riding with me, my latest YouTube video for the lineups for the Bengals Vs Browns game,


And on to new business, here is the colors for the PAJAMA VERSION of the New DELAWARE Cover, Jose just needs to add the shades and logos, 

I can't wait to get this new ongoing Dorm Room theme going, just trying to decide which University Universe we will haunt next,

For those interested parties, you can add $25 to your current pledge for and request the BATTLE OF OHIO Book in your end surveys,




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