Happy Saturday my friends, I am battling enough withdrawl to kill a horse so I believe my 48 hour detox is another spectacular failure,

Days like this I wish I didn't have such expensive addictions, but shit, you only live twice,

So after getting my balls kicked in during the opening night game I am determined to prove my system works, 

So badly I went into my own pocket and spread my picks and lineups across all 6 featured games,

So if you would like to join me in financial destruction, or if you need some funny audio since you finished binging Cobra Kai (awesome writing) -- then take a gander at my Youtube channel -- 


So onto the cover -- once Sensei Varese sent me the updated Cover Colors for our Delaware Book, I loved to homage to our Connecticut Book, and I can't wait to do another version of this cover theme,  but I couldn't help but notice one detail was missing from the Nude Version -- So I told Jose to make sure we had the X and 4 logos in the shot,

I always love an artist who knows how to improv,

Show your love on the Kickstarter and have yourself a fine weekend, and if you play along with me in Fantasy Football, may fate and faith decide your fortune,




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