Happy Friday to all you freaks and art lovers,

I have a new page and a new commission to show off, the first of course is the Black Widow Rabbit that has been SOLD,

Then of course there is Page 18 from Faro Summer 1867 Issue and we can see Kung Fu Cyborg Master Wu and Domina Palms about to be unleashed on the Colorado Mountain Village of Sitting Bull,

I would love to light some fuckin firecrackers under the nostrils of my artists sometimes, and for those of you still waiting on commissions, we thank you for your continued good taste and patience,

The fact of the matter is looking at these commissions from Emil, I only wish the rest of the team was as fast as him,

I myself am on a waiting list for Budd Root that is going on TWO FUCKIN YEARS NOW, and I'm not angry because I have met the man, and he is awesome,

The worst thing an artist has to deal with, especially when doing a Kickstarter, or just selling their own comics and art, is make the mistake of promising a deadline,

Threaten an artist, end up with a rushed, uninspired piece of shit,

Act too cool and you end with nothing but a sea of endless "How's Progress" Texts,

I have had to opportunity to flip commissions on the waiting list to covers, giving the buyers a free upgrade on the art from blank cover to 11 x 17,

I love that we have the opportunity to do that, and it makes doing this full time the grandest blessing of all, for this is the age of technology, but the art is still the best connection we have to the past, to know that all the crazy fantasies we have had since the beginning of time don't change with time, the evolve,

Here's to the next step, and here's to celebrating that next step in the coolest series of fuckin art books in the game --- FARO'S AMERICAN SAFARI, get the latest edition right here,




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