I was just going back and forth through the comic archives of both Marvel and DC trying to put a fresh spin on blondes like Sue Storm and Harley Quinn, looking at the retro end of the spectrum back into the early issues, while trying desperately to find the continuity in the current issues, if there fuckin is one, ugh hate the modern stuff sometimes,

That being said, I have switched up the lineup a bit in the COSMIC BLONDES Battles and have added the following match ups to the Blondie-Mania Card,

Harley Quinn Vs She-Ra

Harley Quinn Vs Power Girl

Power Girl Vs She-Ra

Can't wait to see who grabs these, and for those more into the hero villain pair ups, I have ordered three SPIDER HARLEY COMMISSIONS, all I will reveal is that we will see our SPIDER-WOMAN CATSUITED HARLEY take on the following Hybrid Villains

JOKER--CHAMELEON Mashup for the Classic Spider Harley 1

Riddler////Electro Hybrid -- THE QUIZZZARD

Bane + Rhino = RAZOR-BANE

Stay Tuned True Believers, and enjoy this Tinkerbell Harley Mashup, then pick up a copy of the newest edition to Faro's American Safari,




Harley as Tinkerbell

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