Updates galore -- from a man who believes click baiters should be executed,

First updated ZELDARA 6 -- The Budd Root books arrived yesterday and have been packed up and shipped, so I look forward to the rest of you expressing your X-Mas X-Citement as you open your boxes to reveal some Tri-Titted Hijinks as the war with Darth Disney turns up.

Second Update -- DIRTY DISNEY 4 -- the books have arrived with the Budd Roots, and I'm heading off to St Petersburg Comic Con in Tampa Bay this wknd to recruit a new colorist, and hopefully lock down a nice blaze and bone job with a little tattooed Onlyfans model named Stacey Starr -- God I love being a comic book writer -- technically this is a write off :)

As soon as I get back from St Pete, I'll start packing and shipping the Dirty Disney 4 Kickstarter Books, shit I may actually start hitting deadlines, but let's not spoil ourselves.

Plus anyone looking for the SIGNED Dirty Disney Snow RED LIGHT Special, I'll be finally meeting up with Jose to sign them next week.

Third Update -- The Poker Kickstarter was a great holiday success, so again you have my gratitude and maybe even a piece of my soul, but for starters I wasn't happy with the color tones on the Emma Frost Centerfold so I brought in Dave Kemp for a redo, let's hope we can make him a permanent fixture at Faro's Lounge cuz I dig his colors, 

For those of you who missed last month's goodies, I rose the price to punish you and they are available in the ADD-ON section of our new Kickstarter,

The Poker files will be done tonight, so I will be ordering all the Poker Books, Posters and the Holiday Holofoils in one big order either tonight or tomorrow.  I have my first Bumble date with a tall Swedish gal named Inga.  Wish me luck!!!!

Well you have my work and play schedule, now take a jump onto the newest Kickstarter, busting out the newest collection of SUI-CYCLEs from my team in Brazil.

Two new Covers this month -- WEDNESDAY & MORTICIA -- and the St Pete Comic Con LTD -- Punisher Ghost Rider Mashup with Starfire,

Two new Posters -- SLAVE WASP and Talon & Secura,

And for those you waiting on the finished colors for last month's SUPERHERO STRIP POKER, take a gander down below,

Happy 2023 True Believers and Rabid Deceivers,




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