Happy Friday my friends, I'm just chilling at home making fantasy lineups for this weekends NFL action, and getting ready for some 2023 Comic Con Season Action, starting up over in Tampa Bay at St Pete Comic Con.

So while I wallow by the window, check out the latest sketch for this month's featured Slave Leia Centerfold, THE WASP -- and don't worry, we haven't chopped off her hair and sidelined her for some annoying kid -- ugh I swear Disney is gonna fuck that movie up.  I'm betting right now that Ant-Man will have two minutes of screen time in the movie and somehow The Wasp and Cassie will be stronger and smarter then Kang.  Gotta love that Disney Woke Marketing,

Well down below we see what happens when sometimes we miscommunicate with our artists.  I wanted to set up a DARTH PHOENIX series, and Emil went more the Seduced by The Phoenix Force Theme,

Either way we have an interesting sketch for the Darth Crystallus piece, featuring X-Man Bobby Drake about to be Seduced via Blank Cover Commission, Inks and Colors to come,

Happy Shopping my friends,






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