Happy Monday my friends -- I had Jauan Jennings at Captain in last night's game -- and was literally ONE FUCKIN POINT & A HALF AWAY FROM THE MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!

And then the Niners didn't throw to Jennings again, who was 0.5% owned at Captain -- nope they kicked the stupid field goal, and the game went into overtime,

And alas, I didn't win the million, fuck my fuckin fantasy luck,

But as for good news -- the FARO 1868 and TEXAS books have finally arrived from the Printer, so the next emails you will be getting from me will be chock full of tracking codes,

And while you wait at your slot for the Postal Knight, take a gander at this month's Kickstarter, as Faro's American Safari enters it's 32nd state on the docket,

WEST VIRGINIA---starring MISS PIGGY, and there's a little bit of Thunder, THUN-der, THUNDERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Viewing,




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