Morning folks, the Sun is sneaking out in freakishly frozen Florida right now, but it doesn't matter cuz your man Kane is hard at work packing packages and screaming at a thermal printer every time I have to reload, which always eats three expensive print labels, which really drives to fuckin fits of ra---sorry,

So while I pack here is an update and a new morsel up for grabs,

First up above, you have the color update for this month's Kickstarter LTD -- House Thunder -- starring King Liono & his mistress Cheetara,

As always available on the new campaign,

And after the lovely response to the first Digital Art Book Offering Last Month with the Slave Leia Collection, I have put up a new morsel for Digital Hunters in the form of a past art book -- The RUBI ROJOS -- Redheads Commissions Collection -- for those of you who want all that Ginger in your Devices,

It is available on the new Kickstarter -- as well as my store -- in the main and add-on sections,

And yes to answer before you ask, next month's HARLEY DAYS 3 will have a Digital Edition, your man Kane likes to live in the now,

Happy Hunting,



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