The Nebraska and Anti-Valentine's Books have arrived from the printer -- so after posting this piece I shall be locking myself away till all your books are out of my friggin site.

Speaking of things that annoy the fuck out of me, we lost the backer for the ZELDARA V SPARKLES SLASHER Cover, which is shown in the update from Master Varese above,

I fuckin hate when someone squats on a piece all the way down to the end of a Kickstarter, but there are bigger problems in the world,

So to sweeten up the deal, whoever ends up pledging for the SLASHER ORIGINAL COVER ART will also receive a piece of ORIGINAL INTERIOR ART from the second Faro Novel from Master Jose Varese himself, back in the day when he did interiors,

Sure to be a collector's treasure one day, and a thank you for picking up the slack when I get screwed by a squatter,

And not to be outdone, check out the Slave Leia She-Hulk Update, sure to make a splash as our first ever FARO's LOUNGE CENTERFOLD!!!!!

Happy Shopping,



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