Happy Humps, here's the sketches for the She-Hulk, who will be our first CENTERFOLD inserted into ZELDARA V

My printer besides finally adding SERIAL NUMBERING to books, has also added new Holo-Foil Specs, so that will definitely play into future orders,

But the real McGuffie that caught me in the newsletter was the new CENTERFOLD option,

SO I'm excited, Steel Bikinis to follow of course, but here is the first sketches for the Centerfold, which means those of you who got the Full Nude Poster Option will be getting the only ones available, as once I start doing Centerfolds, the Full Nude Posters will be very rare :)

So while we wait for the updates, I realize I never posted the Colors for the Santanna & Vampirella Poster, because the colors came in late,

For those who missed out, this baby is of course available now in the Add-On Section,

Happy Humping & Hunting,




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