Happy Thursday my friends,

The success of Pixi Runner has inspired me to finally add to my family,

Happy to report I'm going to pick up my new bulldog puppy this Saturday,

Been waiting a while to find my new sidekick, and comic books paid for it, what a day,

So I just got this baby from my new colorist Hector, and we just slapped the logo on it,

So this completes the Centerfold Section of the Iowa Campaign, and anyone that missed out on these babies can have them for a $15 add on to your current Kickstarter package, which includes toploader and random body hairs, which may or may not belong to me or a hooker,

So enjoy MALICE and keep popping those pledges, 

And from the serious side of my heart, for all of you who didn't just buy once but came back every month,

I owe the addition to my family to you,





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