Evening my friends, I've got a brand new bulldog puppy to train and I'm watching the fuckin surprise of the year on WWE On Demand,

The Money in the Bank PPV Main Event was fuckin awesome, and I swear I'm not a mark, I've been hating on the product for a while, but I got a new Roku TV and a Month Free came with it so fuck it,

Dude, this was awesome, and Otis is my new fave,

They just won my attention for a month,

Ok no more bullshit on to business,

Up top you see the almost complete UTAH 2 Cover, with Mad Max Logan and Jubilee, 

Jose said he has a few minor details to work in before he can hand it off to the colorist,

I'm hoping he's gonna add some guts and lunch to Logan's Claws,

Of course for the duration of the current Kickstarter and until it goes to printer, you can add this baby to your Kickstarter package for a 20 spot, if your young just look for the pictures of the Presidents in your parents wallet,

There's the Kick Link, and on to new business,


So with a new reliable colorist on board, I've been handing him off the sepia series of posters we did to have them all eventually colored and added to future Kickstarters, and eventually into the site gallery,

But I know how you all love signed and numbered limited edition stuff, and I just restarted my Stash App,

So let's make a deal,

I just restarted my Stash App, which is a mini investing app, a gimmick where you buy micro stocks and etfs and full stocks and shit like that,

They have a referral program where you get $20 for everyone you get to sign up for the app and then you get $20 as well, all the way up to $500, so that means I can get 25 people,

So while I was waiting on Jose to finish the Logan and Jubilee Cover, I had this little baby colored,

Reed Richards stretched into a galactic demon and flanked by the free agent of the fan fiction universe, Miss Diana Prince, The Ultimate Amazon,

I had 25 of these babies printed up and I am meeting up with the Master Jose Varese to sign and number 25 of these beauties for a very special Referral Art Challenge Acquisition,

This poster won't be available till a future Kickstarter, so if you want the jump and signed piece, all you have to do is click that referral link below and sign up for the Stash App,

You get $20, I get $20 and I will ship you one of the 25 signed and numbered copies of the Jose Varese REED & DIANA Tag Team Special,

Once we confirm your sign up, we will make the shipping arrangements,

Let me know what you think, I want to see if we can make a little block chain out of this Kickstarter Universe, and if this works out and we move all 25, I will create ANOTHER REFERRAL CHALLENGE,

Let me know what you think, and see you in cyberspace,




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