Happy Sunday my friends, I ain't gonna waste any time because I'm about to order a stack of sushi and start working on some new bits, because this mother fucker just ordered a 3D Printed Batman & Superman Suit,

If you enjoyed my Grumpy Superman Video, lets just say the purchase of a new bulldog puppy has lead to some comedic inspirations,

Of course here is the link if you need a laugh,


Ok so up above you see a brand new gorgeous commission from my man Emil, who is anxiously fighting with DHL to get my art package on the next plane out of Saigon,

For those of you that missed out on Miss Jyn Erso going all Rogue One in the Steel Bikini, I just ordered a SLAVE AHSOKA TANO along with a Bounty Hunter Bosch Baby Yoda, so whoever still has some love for the Imperial Days, grab that commission over on the Kickstarter, 


On to New Business,

With our new colorist helping Master Varese move the production line faster out of Miami, my man Hector took some time to color up this newest entry into the Best Selling SUPERHERO STRIP POKER SERIES,

One of these days I will come up with a Poker Book, just still knocking the ideas around in my noggin,

You don't have to wait for this baby, she is in my store right now, and she is the tenth member of the Superhero Strip Poker Series,

And two more are coming,

Click the link below to buy the poster,

And Just Keep Living, until Matt McConnaNuts crashes his Lincoln,




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