Happy Friday my friends,

I have double good news, first off, as you can see above the UTAH Covers are finished and have been sent off to the printers,

I trust you will find the content of the Utah books both funny as well as erotic, Playboy Hustler style baby,

Second part is for my commission buyers and collectors as they have finally opened up the shipping restrictions from Manila and my lovely Watercolored Commission Blanks will soon be in my hands,

Which is good because I was literally gonna pull that Dark Knight Sky Hook shit and dive into Southeast Asia like James Bond in You Only Live Twice,

Never underestimate one man's obsession, with himself, :)

Ok so to be clear, JUBILEE & JUGGERNAUT will be the mainstream edition and I have ordered a limited amount of Logan and Jubes to be paired up with Juggs to be an exclusive set, and once that run is sold out, it's all she wrote for Mad Max Logan

If you missed out, each book is $25 added to your pledge or $40 for the set,

Excelsior Bitches, check out one of our newest commissions, a little series I'm calling IMPERIAL INJUSTICE,




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