Happy Monday my friends -- I literally missed out on a nice payoff in the Chargers Chiefs game by literally one fuckin card -- which always ends up being the damn Kicker -- Marques Valdes Scantling - you have screwed me for the last time.....prick

Anyway -- I have just received the colors from the Faro's Lounge Dirty Disney 4 LTD Variant -- which features the kind of Neverland Strip Poker Game that would make all of us embrace our inner Lost Boy, before Disney cuts off their balls as well in the reboot!

As always my Kickstarter is here, Happy Viewing,


And for my loyals that have already bought this baby, I've got another LTD floating around the Multiverse -- for those of you just going in and out of the world of Wakanda,

My man Stitch just put together a little store exclusive, and he has 5 variants of this baby in his cauldron, 2 of which I believe are already SOLD OUT!

Grab your vibrainium rods and head on over,




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