Happy Hump Day you humps, I am getting ready to enter the frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wisconsin this week to endure the Packers Titans Thursday Night Football Game -- Look for me on Amazon TV -- I'll be the underdressed idiot getting as drunk as possible before heading off to find an all night diner to drain the alcohol before driving my rental back to Milwaukee and touring some beer mansions (and maybe an expensive blonde) before flying back to Lauderdale before my balls can thaw,

After that my friends, I am proud to announce that I will have completed my 50 state American Safari -- with DC and Puerto Rico even thrown in for a good 52 complete measure.

I will concoct a poem that will make Walt Whitman blush, as it is a true culmination of my American Dream,

So with that melodrama aside let's get to some updates, 

First up, Vermonts arrive this week, so I'll be packing and shipping all next week -- 

I should actually have the Budd Root Cover finished this week, which is always a nice surprise, since I didn't think I was getting this bitch till X-Mas -- Ahh the holidays and their bills do motivate the greatest of masters.

So, with that we also have the finished inks on SLAVE ARIEL, complete with Jack Sparrow.  Unfortunately, no matter how much I begged Jose Varese to do it -- he would not draw a floating LOG from Amber Heard -- damn pencils and their principles, 

I've added the $25 Add On option to the Add-On section for those of you who would like the complete Ariel Set to go along with your Lashina and Cinnamon,

Happy Shopping,




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