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Enjoy Castlevania Harley, and scroll down for SLAVE TRACER from OVERWATCH, after today's quick review,


Action Comics 10 Review by Faro Kane


Action Comics 10 brings Superman bad to his bad ass roots after that debacle that was Action Comics 9.

One can only imagine that the prick who wrote and gave the thumbs up for that piece of shit filler hopefully was brutally whipped and beaten by a lethal 6 foot 5 dominatrix, who more than likely inspired the story in this issue, as Clark Kent is about to take on The Chain Gang,

When an abused convict escapes a brutal chain gang, he doesn't check in with the cops or politicians, because he's watched Netflix and knows those people are scumbags, 

He goes to The Daily Star, where he hopes the reporters will bring to light the horrors and abuses he has been suffering in the name of rehabilitation,

But since he never heard of YouTube, he's pretty much fucked,

But the Gods smile upon him, and he happens to report his story to Clark Kent, who gets himself arrested Wenworth Miller style and proceeds to fuck shit up when he is tossed on The Chain Gang, going as far as to lock up the warden inside of his own hot box to make him turn his beliefs.

I for one believe that beyond giving us a delightful yarn, this issue of Action Comics brings to light that we must as a society, introduce the idea of bringing back The Chain Gang, and start by using it at Charter Schools, 

Long Story, Happy Ending, In Progress,

Until next time my friends, enjoy the pencil sketches of SLAVE TRACE from OVERWATCH, and hope you will check out the new posters at the Lounge, I plan to move my Kicks & Clocks store into Faro's Lounge, so there will be one less plug to push :)


Slave Tracer from Overwatch

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