FILLER -- A hateful word, unless of course we are referring to creamy goodness inside a twinkie about to be deep fried at the South Florida Fair while you pretend to love country music because all the girls are walking with Denim Floss creeping up their golden bottoms, 

Ahh I love a good fuckin concert,

So I'm not going to waste too much time because I hate filler, I hate those pricks who make marketing videos trying to sell you their knowledge while literally talking like a cocksucker politician so his video goes over a certain time stamp to make him feel like a pro,

And that's how I felt reading Action Comics 9

Superman takes on a cop who has never gotten his man, and basically the cop puts up a bounty and tries to collect it himself before Superman tricks him into running head first into a bum, who's also trying to collect the money,

I would rather watch Tai Lopez take a shit, or perhaps watch Alex Becker tell me how a frat guy made 40 grand selling wolf mugs or some other chubby douche rented a Lambo and has a need and mission from God to sell you his marketing secrets,

All lies all bullshit, but you know your man Faro Kane won't do that shit to you,

So without further fucking filler, here is the newest addition to the Faro Kane Gallery, another one of the Rare & Exotic Art Acquisitions that make us the best in the game, as long as that game isn't fantasy football (hey I won $50 on the Pro Bowl tonight, hello retirement)

This is the newest addition to the SUPERHERO STRIP POKER SERIES, which will be available on Kickstarter as well as our store, so say hello to 


and say goodbye to their clothes,

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