OK gents, I'm just waiting on more Giganta Posters to arrive from Michigan and that will close off the rest of the Louisiana Packages, 

Waiting on the finished colors for the Four Horsemen Cover then I will get the Pixi Runner 4 orders off to the printer,

Happy to report we have Zeldara 6 & Pixi Runner 5 scripts in production as well as another Happy Harley Days book in the works along with next month's fantasy football books, with two covers that as always knock your socks off, if you haven't jooped in them already, along with the two posters, yum yum

Until then, enjoy the Colombia Comic Con Cover, Master Varese should be finished up tonight, as we have Selina & Gwen on the ultimate Emerald heist in the Multiverse.  The backer for this Original Art shall receive an extra added bonus of an Original Page of Interior Art from the Pixi Runner Series,

And of course for you Blank Cover Lovers, we got AHSOKA TANO getting the GAMMA Treatment -- this baby is SOLD but I ordered BLADE AHSOKA and LOGAN-SOKA remixes,

Happy Shopping,




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