Happy Monday friends and freaks, I just got back from Bogota Colombia, and I can on and on about hookers and cosplay and ceviche, what you really want is art updates, so let's get on with it while I stack up some orders,

Up top you got the first sketch from Master Jose Varese, our Zoe Catwoman about to be interrupted in her heist by our Spider-Gwen--NightWing remix,

Down below you got some Blank Cover Commission updates from my man Emil Cabaltierra, and the Scarlet Harley is still up for grabs, as is the OG Art for the Catwoman Knight-Gwen Cover,

I have to catch up on orders so I can one day travel again, so I ordered two more commissions from Emil, AHSOKA BLADE & WEAPON AHX -- Let's just say time to Merge AHSOKA with some Blade and some Weapon X

Happy Shopping,




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