Greetings Earthlings, I've just shipped the first round of packages, and I'll be meeting up with Master Varese on Tuesday to sign and number some books and posters and pick up some original art that has been long been anticipated by its owners,

While I take a Pot & Popeye's break, enjoy the finished inks for the Colorado Cover, as it is off to the colorist,

Also proud to report that Emil is halfway through the pencils and inks on Pixi Runner 3 and will doing his commissions before starting work on Pixi Runner 4

Aaaand, I am so proud of the Zeldara 3 Bat-Strip Poker Variant Book,

The photo shoot is my amateur status at best, but you can feel the hint of Hustler and Penthouse magazine all over it,

Well, until the next shoot of course,



Faro's Lounge Comics

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