Happy Humps you Hung Humps, and now it's time for some colors,

So I have run out of envelopes and waiting for more to arrive so the production line has been paused, so as always I'm blowing some hard earned portraits of Presidents on the upcoming week of College Football, check out my lineups here,


With Master Varese insisting on doing the Colors for his Super Cosplay Variant Covers, I will more than likely order the Fantasy Football books and send them out separately, cuz I want to make sure as many of you have it in your hands for the opening night game, although I will also be sending out the digital version this week so no matter what you shall have it for the opening game, and every game after that,

Hope you enjoy the Colorado Cover Colors, Firestar and Starfire sharing cosmic herb with a Green Lantern Bong, 

Man did I pick the wrong time to quit smoking lol,

Well Happy Shopping my friends, as always stay tuned,




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