Happy Hump Day Gents and Bents, my man Cedric out in Paris was sending me over the traditional color scheme that comes with a typical Lion-O HalO Master Chief Cortana Hybrid, but you know me, always with the options,

So, in an effort to continue funding hungry talent, I had him do another color scheme to reflect the two teams involved in the NFL's opening day battle,

And we got this one, now I think it's cool because its an aged LION-O, kicking back in Silver & Blue armor while about to be entertained...........or assassinated by CORTANA???

As always hit me back with your preferred cover colors, once I make the decision I will either roll with one and use one for the Digitals, or make the SILVER one a Holofoil LTD,

Always with the fuckin options,

For those of you who missed out or already own a copy, let me know your choice,




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