Happy Thursday, I was making lineups for tonight's Vikings Eagles game and preparing for a weekend with the boys for some Guns n Roses on Friday, Fishing on Saturday, Shane Gillis on Saturday Night, and Fuckin Football at the old Strip Club on Sunday, 

Ahh I love living in Fuckin Flordia,

Well, never one to sit around while Kickstarters are live, I have recently been hunting for some new talent, with my old friend fellow bulldozer Jose Varese slowly becoming an art juggernaut on his own, it is time to scour the world looking for that next Varese, 

Enter my man Thiago, who busted out the new Strip Poker piece this month,

With my current utter hatred for this new Snow White and her smug elitist attitude towards the world, it was really about making one of two decisions on how to handle my anger and disgust,

I love Disney movies, my first friggin date with a girl in high school was taking her to see Aladdin, where we made out in the front row during a whole new world.

Ahh memories, and now Disney sucks and we make money exploiting their downward woke trajectory,

Continuing the tradition, here is the first of my F*&K SNOW WHITE COVERS, with the opening theme SEVERED HEADS 4 SEVEN DWARVES, which will be followed by another 7 covers for the different issues of the Faro Series, with each new one featuring Snow White taking out another classic dwarf,

I believe the next one will be a VENOMIZED SNOW WHITE, and of course a SLAVE LEIA SNOW WHITE, PULP FICTION SNOW WHITE, EVIL SITH QUEEN SNOW WHITE ETC EtC EtC...............

So for those of you interested in interiors, the guts of these SNOW WHITE books will be the Adventures of Faro, with a new issue in the series on the horizon, we are collecting Faro's earliest adventures in the vintage Black & White Lines Style,

For this first one, its Faro 1 -- 32 pages with DRESSED & BARE BLOODY Variants,

There are new packages available on the Kickstarter, and for those of you who already have packages, they are in the ADD-ON Section as well,

Happy Shopping True Believers,




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