Cosmic Blondes Cover Update -- Sue Storm & Samus Aran

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Cosmic Blondes Cover Update -- Sue Storm & Samus Aran

When you wish upon a witch,
Don't be shocked if she's a bitch,

Hee Hee, it's only a few hours away from Avengers Endgame, and I already broke and read the spoilers on stupid fuckin Wikipedia (Damn you Julian Assange)

Of course that only makes me want to see it more, and I've got a lovely lady ready to join me and I've got new art coming in and brand Faro Kickstarter for the next chapter in our time travel saga on the horizon for May 1st and just mother fucker life is getting better as we get past tax time and into what will hopefully be an inspirational and PC Free Summer Movie Season,

I hope to get your Dreams of Spring well kicked off right here with the COSMIC BLONDES UPDATE from Emil Cabaltierra,

If ya like, click the link and make your statement folks,

Winter is Ending,




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