Between Game of Thrones jerking us off for two episodes before the big monster battle and the days and hours and fuckin minutes waiting for ENDGAME to start and I think I may just lose my mind from impatience.

Now I'm just as nervous as you when I saw Captain Marvel, but I have a feeling that she's a red herring and that Thanos is literally gonna rip her throat out in the first act and all will be right in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I hope, 

Please God Disney Don't Fuckin "Star Wars" Marvel and keep Kathleen Kennedy out of the fuckin boardroom, better yet just wipe out the rest of the fuckin Kennedy's before I have to sit through another bad movie with another shitty actor disrespecting all of Massachusetts with a bad Bahston accent,

Thank God some days for art updates and fantasy baseball,

On that note, here are the first pencils for the newest addition to The American Safari 

We have Miss Samus Aran & Miss Sue Storm appearing here as THE COSMIC BLONDES,

Perhaps some Gwen Stacy in the next installment, HMMMM

Until the, check out the wares and spread the love,




sue storm and samus aran in the cosmic blondes

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