Cross Promotional Ferocity my friends, I just finished Loki, now I have to watch YouTubers cream themselves while all racing to be the first to give you obvious Easter Eggs,

But while I've been waiting on the finished lettering for Zeldara 3 and harassing Master Varese for the finished Strip Poker Cover, he decided to spring this surprise on me, as a Double Cover for his new Super Cosplay Kickstarter Art Book, which is absolutely killing it as we speak,

I have to pretend I am happy for his success, so he gave me a Faro's Lounge Exclusive Variant for his Super Cosplay Book, part of a Special DOUBLE COVER SET, you can the RIGHT SIDE -- JESSICA & COOL WORLD on Master Varese's new Kickstarter right here,

These will be the ONLY MATURE VARIANTS for his Book, and I have 150 LTDs ready to go off to their new homes, and hopefully pinch off as many of his fans as possible :),

You can get Daph & Velm only on my Kickstarter, the dog is blocked out because of those cunts at the WB!!!



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