Happy Saturday you flaming turds, I finally set up my Robinhood account to put my money into something other than a hooker's slice, and the market tanks,

FML, but lettering is almost finished on Zeldara 3 and Master Varese has finally started the Batman Strip Poker Cover so we can close off the Zeldara 3 campaign,

Once that is done, I'll be ordering the Zeldara 3 and Blondes Kickstarter books together, as well as shipping them together, so it will be Double Double Love in your mailboxes this August,

Speaking of Double Double, Master Varese finished up this Double Cover Baby as a collaboration promotion for his New Super Cosplay Kickstarter, which of course is killing it to a point of envious rage, 

Once you look at the cover of course, it's no brainer, 

The Scoober Side is mine of course, and we have 60 left of the 150 as of press time, click it here,


For the Ivy // Harls Cool World Jessica Mashup, here is the link for the Super Cosplay,


Let me know if you grab both, I'll toss in a Darth Grogu sticker for good measure :)

And since we are not done yet, just when I thought I was SOLD OUT, the printer sends me a box I forgot all about,

On Master Varese's last Kickstarter, I did a Collaboration with him for his art book on a Faro's Lounge Mature Variant, which was Lady Jessica as Frankenstein's Bride,

The Printer who sent it had sent some damaged copies, so of course I had him send me replacements,

Turns out I forgot all about them, and when I was taking care of the rest of my shipments for the Rubi Rojo Books, I FOUND THESE FUCKIN TREASURES,

To those who I told this was sold out, you have my apologies, turns out I HAVE NINE MORE LEFT,

You can get them in my store, as always for you psycho collectors, Master Varese has signed and numbered them, I just misplaced the box underneath about 12 other boxes of Faro's Lounge Books and Art,

I guess that's a good problem :)




Jessica Rabbit as the Bride

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