It wasn't a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as the IRS is making some problems for your man FK, after it seems crossing the 6 figure plateau once again after going broke when the fuckin Feds destroyed my criminal empire,

So after a decade of doing my time in the trenches (teaching, waitering, personal training, whoring myself to lonely Florida Milfs and assorted Gilfs) I have put myself in a position where I can prove that there is such thing as a comeback,

Apparently those puking cunts at the IRS are upset about that,

So just as I am about to hire my Colombian Hit Squad and start planning my move back to Moscow, Jose Varese gives me a call to tell me he has the sketches,

And just like that all my problems go away, for now,

For those of you confused, I was married to a madam (the inspiration behind the character MAJESTY) and I was her enforcer, bodyguard, handler, lover, nanny well let;s just say we called the job LIONTAMER) and well I helped her create a multimillion dollar empire of whores and stores,

And the feds took me down, I lost everything except the Baby the Bulldog, which to me was the only thing worth keeping, so it gives me satisfaction that no matter how badly those Gov cunts think they are going to drain me and finish me off, banishing me back to a life of hating my job just like I know they hate theirs,

I have an army, A Kickstarter Army,

And thanks to pieces like THE DCU, they can come after my dirty green paper, I'll even deliver the money to the IRS building personally,

After I rub every Benjamin in a mix of Baby's loosest shit, some cum, and some Covid snot, if I can find it on the black market,

Well, now that I've ranted, I decided to quit smoking weed for a while, because if I can get through this bullshit not stoned, I can do fuckin anything,

Excelsior my loyal soldiers, and fuck the IRS,



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