Happy Sunday my friends, and for those of you who have been watching on YouTube, you will see that I'm up 25K from my lineups, so there's credibility to go with your fuckin crazy,

But don't worry, I haven't neglected my Faro;s Lounge duties, PIXI RUNNER & the DELAWARE books arrive this week, so I look forward to the sounds of your happy faces as your comics arrive,

So now that old business is done and damaged goods, it's time for new business, and that business being the next chapter in our time traveling Faro Saga,

Besides the Mature Signature Cover, which will feature our Tri-Breasted Martian Goddess ZELDARA, I've as always set up the HORROR VARIANT, but instead of having the FARO FALL 1867 interior like the Signature Book, I will be making it a FARO #1 or #0 if you will, with the origin story from waaaaaay back in BOOK ONE for all the newbies that may be jumping aboard,

As for the Special Variant, our HORROR theme is SCOOBY DOO, and after the success of our JASON & FREDDY COVERS, it's time to get the next chapter going in the HORROR HALL OF FAME,

Say hello to XENO,

All yours, on the new Faro Kickstarter,




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