Happy Friday fuckers, well Texans Vs Chiefs is now history, and after a night of flux to a point where in the 3rd quarter I was one friggin point behind 100K, alas when the smoke was cleared, I lost by 10 points and 40 people split first place to each take home 37K,

So no one made the million last night, but what really matters most, is that I didn't make the fuckin million,

So alas, I am forced to endure another day of catering to you rubes, forced to endure this horrible job of making fantasy art and creating and crafting superheroes femme fatales to the true nature of who and how they were meant to be drawn, to absolute voluptuous perfection,

So check out the color updates for the Delaware Cover, featuring Dorrie Evans and Jean Grey from Metro U, the rival to ESU,

Next up will be the DCU piece, so our assault on your college memories and fantasies will continue, as well as the final countdown to the finish of Pixi Runner 1,

So on to new business,

I am going to turning the Fantasy Football Posters in 12 x 18 Posters, it is just too much of a hassle updating the books when players get injured and free agents are signed and protesters burn down stadiums,

So I am going to be doing the lineup breakdowns on Youtube -- I'll have the links as I upload the shows,

For those of you interested in my first fantasy football contest of the Original Art for the Bengals Vs Browns Week Two Kickoff -- here are the details,

I am looking for 20 contestants at $50 a head, with each contestant receiving a complimentary book and poster of their choice with their entry, BUT ONLY THE WINNER TAKES HOME THE PRIZE,

You can Paypal me at FKHooligan@gmail.com and I will be sending you the invite to the tournament via my Draftkings account,

We will be competing in the BENGALS VS BROWNS THURSDAY NIGHT KICKOFF on Sept 17 at 8:20pm Florida Time, so I need all entries in ASAP,

It will be a free private invite tournament, so I look forward to competing with all of you,

Should I be the one to win, well, I will not award the art to second place because Fuck you for losing, HAHAHA,

The game is on gents, and the newest Kickstarter is right here,




Bengals vs Browns Draftkings

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