Happy Monday Night you Moes, I just put out another 100 packages today, and I have 300 more poster tubes arriving tomorrow to get out the rest of the Football, Colorado and Zeldara 1984 packages all completely out of my little studio apt but the end of the week.  Look forward to massive sound of packages ripping open and smiles across those naughty faces of yours,

I am still trying to reminisce about the excitement I had back at San Diego Comic Con 2008, where I saw The Dark Knight in my first Imax experience and reveled in the essence that the new IRON MAN & HULK movies were about to spark off a new age in superhero cinema,

And now we have Black Widow, and Shang Chi, and the fuckin Eternals, 

Anyone else seeing a shark about to be jumped in Phase 4, or are we too busy fastening our Devil Horns since we are evil men spreading toxic masculinity,

Well here at Faro's Lounge, we celebrate that shit, and it's time to bring forth the next chapter in my best selling Full Color Art Book Series -- THE DIRTY DISNEY

As always there will be Mainstream and LTD Variants of this baby, and take a good gander at the LTD -- Disney World Rising, which features ARIEL & IVY in a sunken Disney World, which will be COVERED in AQUA SPOT FOIL & SIGNED & NUMBERED by the Master Jose Varese,

The mainstream cover will feature our first shot at Disneyland, which will have SNOW BLACK (Venom) and RAPUNZEL (Carnage)

And as for our Poster Combo, going back to the 12 x 18s thank God and the first part of the combo is JETSONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Judy & Jane on a Spacely Sprocket,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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