Happy Thursday, I've just sent out another 100 packages of Fantasy Football, Colorado and Zeldara 1984 assorted assortments, so once I look forward to synced sounds of knifes cutting through multicolored Ebay tape,

The Dirty Disney LTD AQUA Foils SOLD OUT, and I didn't want to force my colorist into an alternative color scheme in order to move another Foil Variant.

So I decided on a Sepia Polish, and then went one further and decided to go with BRONZE METAL COVERS.

Numbered 1-50 by the Printer, I have put half of the Books in the ADD-ON section for those who want to increase their pledges for both versions, and I put half in new packages for those who missed out on the Aquas,

And not to be outdone, I added my Faro's FANTASY SPORTS CARD 2-Packs SILVER FOIL EDITIONS to the ADD-ON Section, which features my 1903 & 2021 World Series Showdown Cards,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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